Why Stretch Therapy?

Stretch Flo specializes in Neuromyofascial Stretch Therapy.

Our techniques are specifically designed to help your body recover faster, improve overall function and mobility, as well as bring your body into balance.

Among the many benefits, our clients have experienced: Pain Reduction and Elimination/Reduced Inflammation in the joints, Reduction in Stress, Improved Athletic Performance, Better Sleep, More Energy Overall!

Enhanced Range of Motion:

Flexible muscles and joints allow for a wider range of motion, enabling you to move freely in your daily activities and sports.

Stress Relief:

Stretching and flexibility exercises can promote relaxation, easing tension in both the body and mind, helping you manage stress more effectively.

Injury Prevention:

Maintaining flexibility reduces the risk of strains, sprains, and muscle injuries by improving your body's ability to absorb sudden impacts or stresses.


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